tidiness is not among them

My darling husband has many sterling qualities. He is a wonderful father who reads to his children every night before bedtime. He makes excellent rigatoni.

He is a really great kisser.

But the car he drives hadn’t been cleaned since before Gloria was born in January 2008, coincidentally the last time I rode in it. I just cleaned it out though, lots of bits of paper and empty cigarette packages and old Weekly Standard magazines. Why would I undertake such an endeavour, you may ask? Why, because I will be riding in it again this very evening, thanks to two facts.

Fact the First: Under Oklahoma law, only front-seat occupants and children under 13 need wear seatbelts.

Fact the Second: My oldest child is over five feet tall and therefore big enough to sit in the front seat, even with an airbag.

Leading us to the conclusion: I will be sitting on the floor of the van, recklessly but legally unbelted, as we drive to my parents’ house for dinner. I feel like a sixteen year old, only with grey hair and no abdominal tone.

(Don’t worry, we won’t make a habit of it. It’s just one drive a week.)

7 thoughts on “tidiness is not among them

  1. “I feel like a sixteen year old, only with grey hair and no abdominal tone.”

    I love this. I want to quote you on my blog. With your permission of course. Please may I?

  2. I wish you wouldn’t use those medical terms! Abdoma what? Something to do with eyesight? Memory? Oh yes, aging. We could be gray haired twins……well maybe if you were better at spelling.

    Don’t you just love to see them all growing up.
    Best wishes as always

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