lazy Sunday

I’m sitting at the table with Gloria, Abby and Gilbert. Gloria is drawing. She has a good feel for color for a toddler and will ikely be another artist like her dad. Abby and Gilbert are drawing and playing a game with convoluted rules and it’s fun to listen to them. Beatrice just wandered up and handed me a pushed-in cowboy hat and asked me to fix it. I did, she put it on her head, and immediately added another cowboy hat and a tricorn. “I have three hats!” she declared. Bede is watching the Monsters Inc. bonus disc animatics, one of his current favorite areas of study. Faith is playing Webkinz and telling me all the trivia questions she doesn’t know the answers to. “Mommy, did you know that Cleopatra’s favorite color was purple?”

They’ve all been watching Doctor Who with me. I am of course happy to re-watch older episodes and it’s fun to see how the history in them sticks with the kids later. Faith and Abby and I are reading the American Girl Molly books, which are set during World War II. I heard Abby tell Faith “That’s when Rose met Captain Jack, during the Blitz!”

Abby told me what kind of boyfriend she wants. At eight years old this kid has some priorities. She informed me that she wants a “tough” boyfriend, and showed me a picture she had drawn of a skate punk kid with a spiky hairdo and a skull on his shirt, smirking and making a muscle with his arm. I said that tough was fine but funny was better, because funny meant smart and smart always beats tough.

She sighed.

“You sound like Faith,” she said. “She wants a computer geek boyfriend.”

She shook her head and rolled her eyes and went back to the drawing.

Hee hee!

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