Ten things: Wirt L. Harris edition

10. When I was 8, he made me buy a real fishing rod instead of the crummy Snoopy one, and explained why the real one was better.

9. He bought me a BB gun even though my mom almost had a conniption fit.

8. He always let me order food like I wanted it in restaurants, and made sure the server knew the 9 year old really did want her steak medium rare.

7. He read me grown-up poetry, and taught me to look up, speak clearly, and be proud when I read aloud.

6. He taught me to love good cheese, good coffee, and tinned sardines on crackers.

5. He taught me to protect people smaller and weaker than myself from thugs and bullies.

4. He came to all of my basketball games.

3. He took me on evening walks, and the cats would come to keep us company.

2. He showed me that what you do is infinitely more important than what you say.

1. He stayed with me for one lovely day when I was ill and fevered, on a boat, in a foreign land, and it was perfect.

I love you The Most Of All, Daddy. Thank you for everything.

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3 thoughts on “Ten things: Wirt L. Harris edition

    1. Hey Nancy! He’s doing great, actually. He golfs, watches scads of Discover Channel folderol and reads constantly. We see him every week 🙂

      1. That’s great. Please give him and your mom my love. Your children are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. I enjoy reading about your amazing journey in motherhood. I know it must be quite a challenge, and it seems you are quite up to it.

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