a misunderstanding

Bede has a Dell Vostro 1000 notebook computer, purchased for him as a therapeutic device using his SSI back pay. Bede can be rather rough on electronics, to put it mildly, so we also got the super duper extra warranty that cost money. It has been a lovely little machine, performing just as expected since we got it last summer, and we had no use for the warranty. But it recently lost a few keys from its little keyboard, and by “lost” I mean “had pried off and chewed up.” Sigh.

So off I went to Dell Support, who have a chat support now – which is great. I entered my appropriate arcane numbers and whatnot and soon was connected with tech support. The tech said a new keyboard would be sent, no problem, and then said:

“Can I have the keys that have fallen off?”

Nonplussed, I said:

“You want me to send them to you? Sure.”

“One was eaten by a toddler though, I don’t think you guys want that one.”

Of course the tech said:

“Oh no, but I just need it for my notes.”

Oops! Hee hee. Riiiiight.

5 thoughts on “a misunderstanding

  1. I’m so glad I am not the only one that has their child do this. Eowyn took every. single. one. of the keys off the laptop. Sigh. Two are now wonky and I have to hit the “d” key extra hard to get the letter. Sigh.

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