I realized yesterday that not only does Bede tolerate our singing, he actually likes it. A far cry from the boy who used to scream and put his hand over our mouths. We stopped giving him corn a month ago and I don’t know if it’s connected but he is much less irritable since. I don’t care to find out by testing it! We’re not avoiding all corn anything, just actual corn flour and corn meal. I get a terrible stomachache when I eat corn so we decided to give it a whirl after noticing his mood was horrible on Saturday afternoons – after a 4 bowls of corn based breakfast cereal.

Gloria has three new signs: milk, drink and more. She says mama, dada and points to other things when asked where they are. She has figured out how to push dining chairs over to a low alcove so she can then climb on the chair and reach a shelf. Sigh. It begins.

Abby and Faith will be taking acting and dance classes this spring. And maybe art.

Trixie is adorably contrary.

Gilbert is why? how come?

And now I am needed again!

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  1. Fee,
    Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I can’t believe Gloria is so big already!! Time flies!!!
    Where are the girls taking acting, dance, and art classes at? I’ve been looking for reasonably priced places, but it adds up quickly. $40 here and $40 there x 3 kids= broke!!!

  2. So are you guys going to be taking the Saturday morning ballet classes? They’re the ones that start at nine, unfortunately. But Joon is teaching.

    Also, I found out that bellydance classes are forty a month because Delphy uses the center as an extension of Everything Goes. I’m going to try and barter classes somehow.

  3. I think that you have stumbled on to my philosophy in life. I don’t really care what it was that I had eliminated from Trapolin’s diet that worked but he was doing so much better and the rest of us were not starving. Those two things are all that really matters.

    Corn is my issue and my itchy rashy stomach can attest to the fact that I spent too much time over the holidays not worrying about what was in my food. I pretty much stay away from all of it for the most part but don’t overlook high fructose corn syrup as something he should avoid if you do think it is helping. It seems to bother me the worst.

  4. I have a very dear friend who is a child psychologist who began insisting that all her new patients be tested for wheat and corn allergies before their first appointment. She has found that many of the difficulties (especially with boys) are directly related to allergies to those two things. She repeatedly tellls parents that eliminating corn and wheat from the diet of boys will improve their patience and reactions to the world in ways you won’t believe.

    I love her. More people who work with children should take a holistic look at their lives.

  5. this is how we are about Gluten around here. well Eva and I anyhow. irritable!!! (to say the least)

    oh, btw I have a new blog…

    and a tagged you (if you’re interested)

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