some Christmas pictures

Bede and his book of fonts, Sans Serif Display Alphabets.


Faith cries because she is so happy with her new-to-us Molly.


Abby with her new-to-us Bitty Baby, Maria.




And finally, Trixie in her Enormous Pink Hat.


9 thoughts on “some Christmas pictures

  1. Aw, that photo of Faith is just the sweetest thing. My Hannah was surprised with FOUR AG dolls/accessories this morning (including Molly) – a gift from her big brother’s GF, the very generous original owner.

    She screamed for joy instead of crying, though : )

  2. So wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing the joys of the season!

    I would also like to know how your camera magically transforms what would look horribly messy at my house, to a delightful hodgepodge in your house. I want your camera.

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