three down, three to go?

Abaigeal is the third Gleeson kid to be stricken with the mystery illness. It’s marked by a sudden high fever, complete lethargy, a sore throat, and mild nausea. But it only lasts for a day. Weird. So far it has hit Gilbert, Bede and now Abby. I expect Faith, Trixie and Gloria to succumb soon. I hope Faith lasts through til after tomorrow night though, as she has an elaborate Christmas Show planned for Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. We managed to scale her back to two songs – down from five. It has choreography and everything, and involves Faith, Abby, Gilbert and Trixie. Whew!

Anyway, my sweet Abby is sick today. She hasn’t been bringing me pictures she’s drawn all day, which is her usual pastime. Instead she has been a sad lump of girl child shivering on her bed. I miss her! I hope she feels better tomorrow.

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