winter dither

Every year I want to have a crafty Advent and Christmas season but I just barely manage to keep my head above water most days. We will make cookies, decorate and deliver them, and I signed the kids up for a holiday card swap, but other than that, hmm.

I was reading other homeschool bloggers and getting envious of their little wintry plans. I think I need to do something with that desire and make it happen, even if it’s only a little thing each week. In fact, that’s best, because then I won’t get too much planned and end up doing none of it due to ennui.

So, this week, decorating the house. Next week, card swap cards. Then, cookies and other baking. And after that it’s Christmas!

I feel much better! Yay!

3 thoughts on “winter dither

  1. Fun fun! I love cookies. 🙂

    Reading other blogs can make you despair at times. “Pictures of perfection make me sick and wicked.” – Jane Austen

  2. I get more done now than I used to when the kids were all very little. The girls are both a great help to me know, especially around this time of year because they love the holidays.

  3. you know I think you have it right. I tried to do something every weekday. yeah… psyche. that so didn’t happen. next year I will aim for 1-2 things for a week. I’m better with that.

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