cardigan love

It’s this one: Vivian, by Ysolda Teague. Curvy cabled goodness.


If I knit it for the size I’d like to be, maybe I’ll be that size by the time I finish? Talk about motivation!

10 thoughts on “cardigan love

  1. I admire anyone who can knit any thing!!!
    I have always been able to crochet. I can just look at something and crochet it.

    I never could knit a stich, I tried and tried but could not do it. That is a very complicated looking sweater. If you decide to do it post how you are doing every now and then.

  2. What size do you want to be, exactly?
    I was looking at the recent photos of you and Trixie and thinking, Wow, is Fee REALLY that skinny????????

    Lovely sweater! Too intimidating for me, though … I’m just a mediocre knitter still.

  3. Where do I place my order? I’ll take one, in scarlett.
    lol It’s beautiful, I love that it’s hooded, too.

  4. pert-i-ful.

    Also, yay Gloria on walking. And yay Bede on Wall-E. And yay Fee on strategic Christmas planning.

    (I might be a little behind on blog reading.)

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