busy, busy

I’ve been so busy! I had several friends encounter trials last week and I was trying in my small way to be a help. Whew. I think today I have a chance to take a breath.


I’m told some of you thought my brief protected post (now gone) was because I’m pregnant. I’M NOT! Besides, don’t you know I am unable to keep any secret like that for longer than it takes to get to the computer from the bathroom. Gee whiz.

I’m working on Christmas knitting. I may get Sean’s sweater done, but I doubt it. However I am finally, after I think 7 tries, delighted with the project as it stands and look forward to knitting it. I kept trying OPP (what are you implying? that means Other People’s Patterns!) but you know me. I am unable to knit anything as written. So once I committed to having to write the whole thing myself, and did it, I am in love.

Gloria says “Mama!” I know that’s not momentous or anything, but she is the first of my many children to say my ‘name’ as her first word. I am besotted. She’s also standing briefly without support, and eating anything she can get her little mitts on.

Trixie is copying anything that Gilbert does, even when it makes no sense. And tells us “No! I NOT BE QUIET! YOU BE QUIET! SHHH!” I think she is the most like me as a child…

Gilbert is between the world of Little and Big. Four is hard on a four year old. His imaginative play and plot development have exploded in the last month or so, but most days he is upset because he feels too big for the littles and too little for the bigs.

Bede is so delightfully flexible these days! Such a change from the boy he was a year ago or so. When things don’t happen like he wants, he either gets upset and gets over it or, and this is huge, thinks of a solution. It is wonderful. We can watch movies as a family on the television now, among other things.

I planned to tell you of the big girls too but Gloria fell down and wants to nurse. Faith and Abby are both well, and I’ll give details later. Ta!

4 thoughts on “busy, busy

  1. Four is so difficult. J is my last baby and I want him to stay a baby forever, yet I am so ready to put the constant fit behind us. They are still so adorable though! Now I need to go squish on him.

  2. Yes, sweetie, Trixie is most like you were as a child, and totally delightful nonetheless! I still remember you standing between me and Dad, arms outstretched, and saying (in Trixie’s voice) “No, DON’T talk!”


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