toilet thoughts

Bede’s still at it. He’s far from perfect, or consistent, but he’s really doing great.

Dawn asked if it was bittersweet, or if I was just so glad he’s using the potty. Dawn, to be completely honest I guffawed when I read that. He’s been peeing and pooping everywhere in the house for the last two and a half years since he learned how to remove his clothes and diapers, and yours truly has been cleaning it up. He went through a lengthy phase of throwing poop on the ceiling, too. (SOOOO NOT A GOOD TIME. Ahem.) So no, I am not in the least bit anything but 100% thrilled.

Jennifer said she felt a little jealous. Jennifer, I have felt jealous of you guys and Zane’s communication and his relative calmness compared to Bede. I think the lesson here is don’t compare auties. Bede has gotten this because of Gilbert, I’m pretty sure.

Everyone – thanks for your support and well wishes.

4 thoughts on “toilet thoughts

  1. I figured you’d be thrilled rather than feeling even the slightest bit of bittersweetness. 🙂

    So now you only have…2 in diapers, right? 🙂

  2. We’re into year 7 of feces play – and it still drives me crazy. However the last 2 years it has gone down quite a bit. Sigh.

    Hang in there!!!!

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