Pattern for Abby’s sunshine sweater

Heidi asked for the pattern for Abby’s sunshine sweater. It’s a seamless bottom-up raglan sweater, and they are incredibly rewarding and simple to knit. My third completed project ever was a bottom-up raglan sweater for toddler Bede. Anyway, the pattern is available in the excellent book, Knitting without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann and also online in Knitty Winter 2004.

I really recommend the Zimmermann book, or any of her books really. She will change the way you think about knitting, in a good way.

One thought on “Pattern for Abby’s sunshine sweater

  1. Thanks, Fee! Hopefully this math moron can figure it all out. My mom made a very similar sweater for me when I was in high school … it was deep Irish green and gorgeous and I’m too embarrassed to say what happened to it.

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