Our OT referral

Came. We’ll be at the OU Health Science (Sciences?) Center. Sposed to be good.

Sigh. Therapy stuff makes me melancholy because of the focus on his ‘cant do’s vs. my usual attitude. Not looking forward to intake forms. It’s not fun to see your kid described as deficits.

Will update as news presents. How bout that Michael Phelps though, huh?

5 thoughts on “Our OT referral

  1. I know what you mean. I always think Dom is doing great and can even pass for “normal” until I have to fill out one of those. I hope it goes well.

  2. I liked OT over PT in that respect, because the sensory profile was infinitely more helpful than any PT checklist/dev. chart, yk? I guess I just found OT less about ‘catching up’ and maybe more about self-regulation, in that it felt more individual. I’m babbling. I’ll stop. 😉 Bede will lead the way, you just know it.

  3. (hugs)

    If you don’t mind the drive, the McCarty center does a good eval as well, and they have a sliding scale! I think my friend paid $6 for hers….we did one for Bre there and it was VERY complete, without negativity. Mostly what they would provide if she were in their care.

    Good luck with that!

  4. I hope that OT goes well for you all. My daughter (the seeking type) enjoyd it immensely. My son (the defensive one) was about 50/50 with it but the therapist never forced, coerced or guilted him in to anything – he controlled the pace and she worked with it.

  5. oh let us know how it goes!!! the OT I had never broke eva into a bunch of problems to be solved. she just focused on helping us help her get to a place where she could enjoy life (she wasn’t if you remember – she screamed all day in this painful scream and rarely anything else came out of her mouth – she also couldn’t eat right) mostly she brought over a bag of new fun “sensory” toys and played with her while we talked about how the week went. she helped me realize (duh) I have SPD clearly myself, which is why I have sucha hard time helping Eva – her issues are mine too!

    our OT became like our new best friend. she was sweet, helpful and ALWAYS encouraging us tired parents to see the good in Eva, and not just what she can’t do. I was frazzeled and we never slept (b/c Eva didn’t do much else but scream all night too) and she helped us come up with gentle ways of helping her. always full of good encouraging help. and NEVER pushed us to do anything we didn’t feel comfortable with. I LOVE that woman. seriously, I think she was my angel. I hope that for you, Fee!! I did just set the bar high, but I would have been happy with an OT even half as wonderful as she was 😉

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