my secret to easygoing parenting

I know you’ve often wondered “How the hell does she stay so calm with six freaking kids?”

I have a secret.

It’s like a little piece of heaven for my ears. Just enough to make me be able to tend to Trixie screaming her fool head off because someone won’t give her a clothespin or a spoon or some trivial object. Without smacking her, I mean. Cause I guess that would be one way to deal with it but I’m agin it, you know.

Highly recommend them if you have the means.

9 thoughts on “my secret to easygoing parenting

  1. heh…..I got some of those from my dad, ostensibly for C, but um, yeah, very useful. Mine come tethered on a cord so that the littlest one doesn’t find them. 😉

  2. Well, my secret to easygoing parenting is to have all your kids become grownups like mine have! Ha Ha Ha!


  3. ROTFL….I use Bre’s shooter muffs. That way they have a visual cue that mom isn’t coping so well with the noise.

    on the smacking… ‘agin it’ indeed LOL!

  4. I never thought of using earplugs! I will definitely try this, I have some in the garage, I’m getting them out tonight.

  5. GREAT IDEA!!! I could definitely use some of those sometimes. Wow! My husband will get a laugh when I tell him about them, too. We both get a little overwhelmed by the decibal levels in this house on occasion.

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