Aden, Gilbert and the Dinosaurs

Aden came to play today. He is Gilbert’s age and loves dinosaurs. We have a fair amount of them. Here he is showing me the stegosaurus – this is, I am told, the mommy stegosaurus. Who knew?


Several other pictures of Aden and Gilbert are here, and I’ll be adding more later when the camera recharges.

2 thoughts on “Aden, Gilbert and the Dinosaurs

  1. Stefan frequently tells me with certainty which dinosaur or plastic animal is the mama and which is the baby. Whether they are the same species or not doesn’t seem to bother him.

  2. Aden had so much fun at your house, Fee! He just said “I want to go back to Phoebe’s house.” I love that the boys like to play together and get along so well! We must get them together more often.

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