first time shame on you, second time shame on me

We have to move again because the landlord wants to sell this house. Argh! Renting. So we’re going to try to buy this time. We’ve been looking at modular housing from these guys (we especially like this floorplan) and now we need to find some land to stick a house on. We don’t have a time limit yet but I want to be proactive and move out before we have to. And I know how much Sean loves to move in the middle of the summer in Oklahoma! Not.

Oh golly. I didn’t notice what time it was. I have to run to get ready fer dinner at the ‘rents. Ta!

9 thoughts on “first time shame on you, second time shame on me

  1. Aw, moving does suck! I *knew* there was a reason I haven’t brought you the toybox from Melissa yet–silly me, I thought I was just procrastinating. Best of luck finding a place : )

  2. Ugh, sorry you have to move, but buying is a great idea. I saw some green modular homes on a show on HGTV not too long ago and it got me thinking about land, I must admit.

  3. Strange… with the market being how it is right now, you’d think the landlords would be happy to have a steady income from renters and wait to put the house on the market when the market has recovered a little. Anyway… I’m sorry that you are having to move, Fee! I’ll be moving by the end of the month, but we are choosing to do that (because we bought a house, yay!).

  4. LOL @ Glamour bath, just the term of it. Like the bigger tub is “glamorous” I guess. I love the floor plan though, nice and open in the middle. Good luck!

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