vaccines do not cause autism. autism causes autism.

I am 100% sure that Bede’s autism was not caused by vaccines. Because he hasn’t had any. I don’t think vaccines cause autism. I could believe that they make autistic-like symptoms appear in kids who have underlying metabolic problems, but I don’t think that happens very often. I think that vaccines in this country (the US) are ridiculously overwhelming to young bodies. I’m not stopping to look it up, but I have read that Japan has a later start to immunizations and does fewer than we do. Sounds good.

I myself was vaccinated. I was born in 1974 and I received injections for tetanus, diptheria and pertussis, measles, mumps and rubella, and was given an oral polio vaccine. That’s it.

I’m trying to find a doctor who is willing to work with me on getting those vaccines for my kids – although I do want even less than that. I’d like to go with the Td shot – just tetanus and diptheria – because the pertussis vaccine isn’t particularly effective and is pretty toxic.

I’m okay with the vaccine for measles and mumps, but the rubella is a no-go because it’s derived from human fetal cells, which translates to “made from an aborted baby.” So those need to be given separately instead of as the MMR.

The oral polio vaccine is no longer used in this country because it causes polio, so they’d be getting the injected polio vax – which is sometimes made from human fetal cells and sometimes not. If I can find the one that is not they’ll get that (it’s Sanofi Pasteur’s IPOL.)

I’m kind of tired of reading these angst-ridden posts on message boards that say “I vaccinated my child! She’s autistic! It’s all my fault!” I want to say NO! Vaccines do not cause autism. No studies have EVER shown a link between vaccines and autism. EVER. If you really want to think it’s your “fault,” blame your genes in the sense that they’re your genes that made the kid and her genes made her autistic. But really, that’s silly.

As far as autistic kids seeming to respond to biomedical interventions to reduce the toxins in their bodies by becoming less autistic, well, I’m not convinced. Bede has had no interventions. He has constant access to a computer and to his two loving parents (especially his mother) and to his five siblings. ANd you know what? He’s talking more, playing with us more, learning and growing. If he had been taking supplements they’d get the credit. But it’s just time and life.

And it’s a pretty good life, at that.


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  1. I, too, think that my son’s PDD was not caused by his vaccines. He had three rounds before we stopped, but none of them included the MMR, which tends to be the one implicated. I’m not sure about the vaccines’ role in his seizure disorder, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t cause the autism. We have noticed improvements by taking him off dairy, but I think that was an underlying problem.

  2. I remember reading a page where people post stories about how they learned that it’s Not The Mercury.

    And all the stories are the same. These people had one autistic kid, blamed the vaccinations, and conscientiously didn’t vaccinate their second child.

    Well, with hindsight, they could see one of two things. Either their second child was autistic – and they not only recognized it much earlier than before, but realized that their first child had *also* been autistic as a baby (omgwow!) or, alternatively, their second child was NOT autistic – and they spent the first two, three years watching their new baby going “But… the older one was never like this. Even before the MMR, even before the shots.”

  3. Nice to hear that. I don’t believe it’s from vaccines either. My son seemed different even as a baby. Nice to hear some proof.

  4. I agree–our little guys (not so little any more!– are of the genetic derivation. We can tell. We have slowly vaccinated–we’re still way behind the schedule. But I ask the dr. if he can guarantee it won’t cause trouble–and he says no. Then I say no too. But Little Miss, for example, is all about digging in the dirt, etc., and climbing on trees, and…you know there’s a lot of things out there, so a tetanus shot seemed the thing to do. Chickenpox? Not so much. Kids have been dealing with that for years. So I think a judicious mix makes sense.

  5. It’s interesting how many of us have so many different perspectives on this issue. I used to feel the way you do, but changed my mind – drastically. When my child went from completely echolalic, repetitive, stimmy speech to full sentences and back and forth conversations in a matter of days after starting a few choice supplements, I can’t chalk it up to anything BUT those supplements! As much credit as I’d like to take for being a great parent (I am), I also know that his health was very, very bad. And now it’s getting better. His bloodwork shows it, and he shows it.

    I guess it just depends on your perspective! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Although Zane had some of his vaxes, we stopped early, before the MMR. It is really clear in our case that it had nothing to do with vaccines. We have talked about this before, so you know that I am in total agreement with you, but you did a much better job of presenting it. Thank you for posting this.

  7. i dunno. i don’t quite agree, but only a bit. I mean, obviously it’s genetic in our family, to some degree. But how do generations of quirkiness turn suddenly into severe autism?

    And it’s a bit too odd. I have videos of Breanna, heart breakingly cute ones of a very typical little girl. Cute, interactive, talking baby. she wasn’t ‘different from the beginning’. Then three visits, three months in a row, of six to seven vaccines per visit. High fever, 108ยบ with tylenol. Lethargy followed each shot, with a loss of vocabulary each time, as well as eye contact. By fifteen months, she’d lost all language, all eye contact, and all interest in the world.

    Sure, she may have been more like Emily, social anxiety, sensory issues, but I honestly believe that something in those shots (not mercury, she reacted to the DTP, which never has had mercury) triggered a genetic memory and reaction.

  8. I typed out this great post, but it vanished.

    Too bad huh?

    Long story short, is that we have video of Breanna, being very typical, and then we had 23 shots in three months, and a very obvious loss of skills. 107ยบ fever with tylenol. Like lost all language, eye contact and interaction. And I agree that it wasn’t the mercury, the DTP is what made her ill, and it’s never had mercury.

    It’s obvious that something genetic in our family makes us quirky, but it’s equally apparent that something in the DTP pushed her from quirky to severely autistic. No one else in the family has had DTP, and they are all just quirky.

  9. Melissa I’d be happy to combine your comments into one but they’re not quite the same so I didn’t want to edit you.

    I agree with you – that was not right. Bre got overwhelmed with toxins. 23 shots in 3 months is definitely waaaay too much for one little body. Which goes ack to my original point – that even the regulation vaccine schedule is too much for kids. I think the vaccines need to be reduced and given much later and farther apart.

  10. I don’t know what happened to Jaden, but like Melissa, he was a normal baby and got the normal amount of shots until 10 months he totally stopped talking walking….everything out of the blue after he started having seizures.
    I think that since he has made great. improvements in the last 3 years of no seizures that it could have been the seizures that caused his sspd
    It is a chicken and egg thing, and we will never know if the seizures caused it or if it caused the seizures or if he will start again at puberty.
    He does get better and then regress some over and over.
    Today he totally freaked out that Ash got a drop of paint on his finger, yet somedays he will put paint all over himself and like it.
    I don’t think I will ever know what happened but I don’t think that he was always like that….maybe a overload here too

  11. Amen girl! Autism is not caused by vaxs… however vax’s are way overrated by the general population and I agree that they should be given much later in life (if ever) at the child/parents discretion. BTW I am on pg 100 of Born on a Blue Day… and it has shown me a connection between autism and seizures. My sister has drop seizures upon occasion and is not on any anti-seizure meds. I imagine they will find a group gene for autism/seizures just like allergies/asthma/excema ride together… I have yet to formulate an opinion as to the origins of my sisters seizures(she has extenuating circumstances) … but their may be some correlation.

  12. I feel that vaccines are probably a trigger of some sort. For instance, my daughter was likely predisposed – genetically speaking – to diabetes, to some degree. My maternal uncle was Type 1 and my paternal g’father was Type 2. I have learned since her dx that there does seem to be a link between the Hep B and Hib vaccines, and early-onset T1 diabetes. Just look at the way T1 is exploding in young children, even babies – this was once nearly unheard of.
    I feel the same way about autism (I have a son on the spectrum) … that vaccines didn’t necessarily CAUSE his autism, but possibly contributed as a trigger. I knew Job was autistic by the time he was ten months old; however, I have talked to far too many people whose children regressed *dramatically* after their MMR specifically, to just brush off any correlation.

  13. you people are fools.vaccines contain mercury which is a heavy metal and causes brain damage..we are all being poisoned by the drug companies.they want us to be makes money! wake up you idiots.

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