Getting the Truth Out

I’d like to encourage everyone to scroll down on the right there and click through to the site behind the button for Getting the Truth Out. Don’t be discouraged by the first few screens, it’s very important to watch the whole thing.

One thought on “Getting the Truth Out

  1. I just read through the entire site. Wow. I’m so grateful that I was able to read that, and that I am no longer a part of the “systemic injustice” described. I used to work as an occupational therapist in many settings, including schools. I witnessed much mistreatment of people who couldn’t communicate, and was so dismayed by the attempts to force others to act “appropriately”. Teenagers were unable to do/use the things that made them happy or comfortable just because others deemed it inappropriate.
    We can never really know what another person is thinking inside their minds, unless they have a way to explicitly tell us. I saw this too with people who had strokes and became unable to communicate. Many people around them acted as if the person who had the stroke had nothing to say, just because they couldn’t.
    So many of us are so self-absorbed that we can’t hear what people are saying, even when they can talk. Finding a way to really communicate with others is so very vital!
    Thanks so much sharing this.

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