the week in review

So let’s see here.

Gloria rolled over several times and looks like a little airplane on her belly. She holds up her arms and her legs with just her tummy touching the floor and just looks so pleased with herself.

I got approved to use Bede’s SSI back pay to purchase his laptop. This is a big deal because the back pay can only be used for medical and therapeutic costs, so I had to demonstrate that he needed it, not just that he wanted it. Now I get to shop in earnest, as the money should be in his account later this week. ANyone have any recommendations? I’m looking at the ASUS Eee because it is small, lightweight and fairly shockproof, but I want to wait to buy the 9 inch screen, I think, so Bede won’t have to scroll as much. If I buy that one I’ll buy two of them so if one gets crushed I’ll have the other. Hell, maybe I should buy 3. It’s like buying him a voice, after all, and three of them cost as much as one midrange Dell. Hmm.

Faith is thrilled with your comments! I’ll post a detailed version of how to make your own screencaps for kids later. SHort version is, get the screen to look like you want to modify and press the Print Screen key on the keyboard. Open Paint and choose Edit – Paste. Use the select tool to pick the area you want to modify. Choose Edit – Copy. Open a new instance of Paint (i.e., open Paint again.)  Then choose Edit – Paste again in your new Paint and go to town. If you mess up more than Undo can help you, go back to the first Paint you opened and select the part you want to edit again.

And now I have tarried long enough.

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