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Bede’s visit with his psychologist was good. My mother was able to come with us and got to meet Dr. Mobley, who(m?) she liked very much. We were late getting there due to getting a bit turned around in Norman, but it was fine since Bede was able to handle about 30 minutes in her office before he became completely unable to control himself. When we left he was trying to remove all the clocks from her walls and scale the Dutch door into the office kitchen. Yeah, time to go!

Diana noticed Bede’s mental flexibility and ability to cope with the unexpected had improved markedly from last year, which is true, and his referencing of me for cues as to what is going on/how to feel. She also thinks that occupational therapy to address his sensory integration problems will help a huge amount, so we will definitely pursue that and see. (Regular readers of this blog will remember that Bede does not wear clothing, well, ever, unless he’s in a public place and actively reminded to remain clad.) She noticed he was toe-walking to avoid the berber carpet in her office, which would make sense in the deep-pressure seeking, light touch avoidant kind of way that Bede is.

She also said she thinks I’d have gotten an Asperger diagnosis as a child had there been one to give me, which didn’t surprise me at all. When I said “Well, sure I had those traits as a kid but now, you know, I’ve outgrown the diagnosis, right?” she actually chuckled and said something like “No, no, I don’t think so.” So I guess I could pursue a formal diagnosis but I don’t see the point. That’s enough for me to know I’m not making it all up, you know? Expect some introspective posts about all this soon…

Good Lord, look at the time! Have to go to bed.

Happy Mother’s Day, all you mothers!

4 thoughts on “recent amazements

  1. Me too! Nice to know that you’re (relatively) normal. For her office 😉

    I remember reading “Pretending to be Normal” after Breanna was diagnosed and yelling to my husband while waving the book “See, it’s NOT just me!” lol

  2. The toe walking bit is interesting… he was barefoot right? I know you’re certifiable, a true almond! Me? I’m a macadamia and our kids are pistachios and cashews. Wouldn’t have it any other way!
    Anywhoo… wanted to wish you a Happy Mom’s Day!

  3. We get comments that Zane is more flexible than a typical autie too. I sometimes wonder if the overly rigid school system, that most autistics attend from an early age (where structure, structure, structure is the norm), is the reason they struggle to learn flexibility. It does help him reduce anxiety in group/classroom situations to have more structure, but I think not being as structured at home helps him learn flexibility in a non threatening environment.

  4. Serial post…I bet OT will be nearly miraculous for him. It was for Zane. In some ways, the OT has made as big of an impact on his speech as it has on how he feels in his skin.

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