Bede’s quantum leap

Today Bede volunteered that D is sad. W is happy! on one of our favorite DVDs, They Might Be Giants: Here Come The ABCs. Totally just, you know, telling me stuff, in unscripted standard English. They don’t say that the letters are happy or sad on the DVD, but they obviously are, from their body language.

If you don’t have a minimally verbal autistic child you may not get the import of this. Jennifer, I’m looking at you! It’s been with such happiness mixed with hopeful anticipation that I’ve read your posts on Zane’s language. I’m so pleased to be writing a few of my own!

He’s also been very conversational about other stuff too, from comments on food to little back and forth letter and word improvs between us.

This has been building for a few months and now boom! He’s so awesome!

7 thoughts on “Bede’s quantum leap

  1. I absolutely love reading about these moments. I really appreciate that you share them here with us! YAY Bede, most kids wouldn’t pick up on the body language…at least one of mine wouldn’t have anyway.

  2. woohoo bede!

    I remember the first few times Eva communicated with us – actually i remember the first eye contact. and though she’s not autistic but has spd, I didn’t know if she would ever talk or communicate in anyway. ever single look or word or thought was a treasure! she was so non verbal and – even in sounds except screaming. I never thought I’d hear anything but shrieks from her. words and smiles and looks were just wonderful!

    you never know how precious words are until you can’t hear your child use them. I rejoice for you and for Bede!!!!

    as always you so inspire me. if only i had a 5th of your patience and peace I would be so much better a mama to Eva.

  3. Awww, what a tender hearted boy! How cool! He is blooming awesome! What a great environment you provide for his growing explosions. You go Bede! You go Bede-Momma!

  4. Ohhh…that is SO COOL! I literally squealed and clapped when I read it! It is so exciting and incredible when they do that, especially the unscripted part. I love that you are getting to have those moments too because they are so awesome and there is no way to know if it will ever happen, until it does.

    You made my night Fee! Bede made my night. I was having a rough day and I am so glad I stopped by to see such a great post.

  5. ok…serial posting, but i can’t help it.

    That is particularly neat that it was about an emotion too. With so much literature saying our kids can’t read body language, it is so empowering when you see evidence that the experts are WRONG WRONG WRONG. lol.

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