3 thoughts on “Where have you been? (Out.) What did you do? (Nothin.)

  1. thanks for the site it is very neat. getting my kids out of the house is almost like torture to them ugh! I think I have to much technology that keeps them in. You have such cute children 🙂

  2. Hey – I’m the guy who runs Playborhood. Thanks for the great mention!

    What Lisa says above is a great cautionary note for parents of preschoolers like me. So far, my oldest, almost 4, has *never* watched TV and he’s never seen a videogame. His exposure to computers consists of a dozen or two YouTube videos, which he watched while sitting in our laps.

    So, he *never* thinks of any sort of screen activity or electronics when he tries to think of something to do. My wife and I are very into using our computers, but we’ve been able to keep him away from screens up to this point.

    Of course, this will probably change, at least a bit, once he starts first grade and visits friends’ houses more…

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