some photos

Gilbert is sad.


Trixie is happy!

Hooray! I’m Gloria, and my diaper is huge!



Bede with deep brown eyes and lashes to die for.



Your narrator:

11 thoughts on “some photos

  1. That can’t be Trixie. When did she get that big? She looks so much like her sisters. How did you manage to do that? That would be a neat trick if I could have managed it with my twins. 🙂

    FTR, I hate hotels without pools and love my Google Reader. My collection of blogs are keeping me sane right now (well, as close to sane as I can get). You’re one of my sanity-savers, so thanks. 🙂

  2. What a surprise to see a picture of you included with your adorable kids. Now I know where they get all that cuteness from. 😉

  3. Hello part of the Gleeson clan! Love the huge diaper pic—I’m getting the same thing with Sir Rowan’s monstrous diapers—-the litte ones just aren’t cutting it!

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