Apples falling close to trees, and so forth

Bede’s up for his annual visit with the spectacular Diana Mobley, PhD in a month or so. I’m thinking over his development this year, along with autistic mind structure, and I saw these tests posted in a community for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome.

I took ’em.

Autism Spectrum quotient:
Your score: 40
0 – 10 = low
11 – 22 = average (most women score about 15 and most men score about 17)
23 – 31 = above average
32 – 50 is very high (most people with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism score about 35)
50 is maximum

Systemizing quotient:
Your score: 67
0 – 19 = low
20 – 39 = average (most women score about 24 and most men score about 30)
40 – 50 = above average (most people with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism score in this range)
51 – 80 is very high (three times as many people with Asperger Syndrome score in this range, compared to typical men, and almost no women score in this range)
80 is maximum

I always think my own identification as ‘probably autistic’ is all in my head. Ha, ha. Of course it is, where else would it be? In my knees? But seriously. I guess I really might be.

18 thoughts on “Apples falling close to trees, and so forth

  1. I got an 18 and a 28, respectively. I want to get Erik to take those though, I have a feeling that he would score high, especially on the second one.

  2. I took these tests and scored above average . . . 29 on the first test and a 42 on the second. Very interesting.

  3. 37 and 59 for me… interesting. maybe that’s why i felt so comfortable in my old job doing “one on one” with a couple of autistic boys.

  4. 17 and 25, respectively. I also had a hard time answering a lot of questions–mostly because I read the question, understand what it is really asking, then debate about how to answer it. Interestingly, one area that I am strong in that is, to my knowledge, consistent with those on the spectrum is spatial visualization– and I feel like that was barely, if at all, touched on.

    Anyway, on the second one, I think my DH would score through the roof. He’s fascinated by how things work, on the occasion that he actually watches TV it’s almost always science/ nature/ engineering related, he made a database to catalogue his pen collection, he HAS a pen collection :o) .

  5. Hi – thanks for participating in Blogging for Autism Awareness in April. Added you to the blogroll – intrigued by these question things. Will try them out.


  6. 35 and 43….bwahahaha.
    I was laughing though. I know several aspie men that would never be able to answer some of the questions, like on the visualization things, or on interaction. They totally see that they do this or that, and everyone else sees a different outcome.

  7. Interesting… I scored 39 and 45. I’ve wondered, as an adult, whether I might be somewhere on the spectrum. Of course, it could just be because I am a math/science geek.

  8. I’m curious as to what I would get…as I learn more and more on behalf of Kieran, I have realized a lot of little things really resonate with my own way of thinking, feeling, and doing things, past and present.

  9. I scored 27 and 49, respectively. I know that I would have scored higher on the first one during my late teens/early twenties. I have learned how to better fit to accomplish what has been needed. The score of 27 is above average, still. The older I get, the more selective I am with hyper-focusing. Hi.

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