blown away

I’m writing this here to remember it.

Gilbert just bumped his head, and came over to me crying. (It’s unclear whether he bumped his own head or was pushed into bumping it by Bede.) Bede got off his computer, squeezed in next to Gilbert – basically draping himself over Gilbert, who had his head in my lap – kissed Gilbert’s cheek and then, as Gilbert stood up, gave him a gentle, loving hug with an affectionate look on his face.

I was verbalizing through this for both boys: “Nice boys! Brothers! Brothers love! A kiss! A hug! Bede loves Gilbert! Gilbert loves Bede!” Gilbert was just as touched by it as I was, and smiled and hugged back as he said “I love you too, Bede.”

I’m just blown away by this. My sweet boys! Snif.

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