tongue tie update

So I kept notes on the clickity girl. She needed relatching less and less over the last few days for pain, but still had the same amount of clicking. The air swallowing is getting a little better, but not consistently.

¬†At this time, I’m not going to consult a doctor. I found out without a referral we would pay out of pocket, and we have our first appointment with the family practice assigned to us by the state (we have state insurance) on Feb. 13th. Can’t get them to see us any sooner, but it’s okay. I’ll ask for a referral then, unless it gets awful between then and now.

My major concern is of course how much Gloria is eating. As long as she’s growing, sleeping well, and going through lots of wet and messy diapers (she is) my fears are assuaged. I also worry about her latch affecting my milk supply and/or damaging my nipples – if I can’t feed her because of this that’s obviously a big problem. So far we are only dealing with minor pain on my part, no actual injury. I’m used to pain.

So, as it stands we will continue to do what we’re doin’.

She sleeps well at night, which makes everything easier. Wakes up about 3-4 times, nurses for a bit, gets burped, and we go back to sleep. I have had much more trying newborns than her, sleep-wise.

All is going as well as it can, which is pretty good, you know?

3 thoughts on “tongue tie update

  1. It WILL stretch out. Nico had a touch of this issue… his latch made an air-sucky-sound, like the seal wasn’t tight enough, if that makes any sense, and was uncomfortable. It occurred to me that it might be tongue-tie, but honestly I was in no shape post-partum to drag him (or myself) to a doctor for it. He was growing. I just nursed ALL the time. I used to wake him to nurse. It did get better; I think it stretched. Good luck!

  2. W had this kind of tongue tie too…it never did improve and we moved from clicky newborn to bitey teethed toddler. I didn’t clip with him cause I felt it was okay enough and because the poor child had already been through so much and as his Mom I could just deal. It’s also really possible that he has tone issues as a result of his birth injuries. There is an exercise that we are doing with C that I could tell you about if you are interested and also I could tell you how to offer her a little cranial support. Let me know and I can email you.

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