update on the tongue tie

I spoke to a midwife-recommended lactation consultant this morning about Gloria’s tongue tie. She had a number of suggestions and they seem to be helping. She thinks that Gloria’s tie will resolve over time, and with careful management it doesn’t need clipping. So that was good to hear. I’ll talk to her again in the morning after a day of note-taking on the number of relatches neccessary per nursing session to avoid the click and airswallow.

I also have the number for a local doctor who knows how to clip the frenulum. I’m going to call him on Monday and schedule an exam. Thanks to CBE Hyphen for finding the info for me. edit: another doctor now, too! yay!

The pain isn’t horrible because I’m able to get her in different positions to avoid the gum rub on the same spot each time, and also because her tongue just reaches over her gum line, it just is uncomfy for her so she retracts as soon as she gets tired, or has to coordinate suck-swallow-breathe. It’s a significant discomfort but manageable at this point.

I’m not comfortable with the idea of clipping it myself. For instance, I only trim fingernails when the child in question is sound asleep because I┬ánicked Faith once and, well, that was enough. So, yeah, no surgical procedures, no matter how minor, performed by me on squiggly little newborns and infants.

She’s waking! No time to proofread, off to lather-rinse-repeat.

5 thoughts on “update on the tongue tie

  1. Sounds like a good plan. So sorry though that getting answers has been so arduous when all you want to be doing is snuggling/sleeping/nursing/diapering. The more I ‘hear’ you use her name, the more I love it!

  2. Glad you’re getting the help you need with Gloria’s tongue tie! I had a friend of mine quit nursing because of that very problem and the dr refused to clip it……..she ended up having it clipped when he was 12 mo old becuse he had so much trouble eating.

  3. Phoebe,
    I’m sorry to hear you and Gloria are having troubles, and glad to hear you’re finding effective help! You’re in my thoughts and prayers…Gloria is just beautiful!

  4. Yeah, I can’t imagine doing something like that myself, either. I’m glad you guys are working through it on your own, sounds like Gloria is going to have perserverence!

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