Gloria at 2 days

I knit her diaper soaker out of the lovely softy bulky lambswool Tabitha gave me.


My milk came in last night and I have a full-tummied sleepy girl.


19 thoughts on “Gloria at 2 days

  1. I love love love that picture. It just seems to be so portraitesque (is that a word? My spell check is redlining it but i like it. Not picturesque, portraity)

    She is so beautiful. My gratitude for sharing her!!!

  2. Glorious Gloria – what a lucky mummy you are. Without exception all of mine looked like wizened old men, but that is a lovely babe, more like 3 months that 2 days!
    BEst wishes to you and yours

  3. She is so beautiful!!!

    I think Drew was about 3 months old before he looked that big!

    You guys done did do good–Again! (and I am somehow not surprised about that 😉 )


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