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You wouldn’t think it would be so exhausting to sit in a room with a hundred other people for four hours, would you?

But it is.

We finally got the last bit of paperwork filed for Bede’s SSI, and we should get it beginning in February! Yay!

Comments I fielded during my time in the waiting room:

  • Wow, you look like you’re about to pop! (x4)
  • Your sixth? (x5)
  • Knitting? I could never do that. (x2)
  • Homeschooling? I could never do that. (x3)
  • Wow, autistic? I bet he’s amazing huh? (x1)
  • Oh, autistic? Is there any, you know, hope for kids like that? (thankfully, only x1, and I think she knows that autism is Really Okay, now. No thanks to AutismĀ Speaks. Jerks.)

Whew, again. OK, I’m really ready to have the baby now. Nothing else to do before labor hits, so come on, bring it!

8 thoughts on “ssi update

  1. My Junior is 6 years old and I need to do this but haven’t yet.
    Is it a big hassle. Do you have to take the child to one of their doctors?

    I soooo need to do this! I have been procrastenating on it so bad and I could actually use the help! I do not know what my problem is. Afraid of rejection? My Junior and Noddy both qualify.

    I just really did not care for the “Labor” part, other than getting it over with. I was not a fan of being pregnant. Yet, that was the only way to have the baby. LOL. I hope it happens soon and all is well.

  2. Don’t ya love people’s comments? I get told I’m crazy at least 3 times a week. Little do they know, I really am….lol….

  3. Dawn, I have a whole host of reasons – but the biggest is their consistent portrayal of autism as a fate worse than death, especially seen in the film they sponsored, Autism Every Day. Here‘s Wikipedia on it, I prefer not to link to them.

    They sponsor a ‘cure at any cost’ mentality, and are encouraging research that will inevitably lead to the aborting of children carrying the gene(s) for autism. Their ceaseless negativity about autism and living with autistic people will cause many mothers and fathers to kill their autistic children, much as 9 out of 10 Down children are aborted. (And Down Syndrome has a pretty positive media stereotype as they are generally portrayed as happy, kind people who are cognitively impaired.) Autism Speaks on the other hand is encouraging the world to think of autism as something tragic a child suffers from, that takes the real child away and leaves an empty shell of anger, idiocy and aggression.

    Autism is not those things. At all.

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