I knit mittens! Many, many mittens!

Mittens 2007

It’s an easy made-up pattern, uses two strands of worsted weight together (or really bulky yarn – that’s the blue.) And here’s the thing – they WORK. If you use real wool and wash in a lanolizing wool wash (my personal favorite is Sudz n Dudz) they are actually waterproof enough to keep out the snow.

I love it, and will be making them again and again. Well, I’ve made ten so far, I guess that’s again and again already! The kids give them two thumbs up. Heh.

I’ll try to write out the pattern soon, it was really, really easy. Thanks Tabitha for giving me the lowdown on the afterthought thumb.

5 thoughts on “mittens!

  1. Wow—-I am impressed. And I was all proud of myself because I sewed three fleece hats for the children in one afternoon……which is way easier than knitting (at last for me). Good job!

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