Gilbert explains it all

Gilbert was telling me about the new baby the other night.

He said the new baby is a boy. Then he told me something that made me puzzled.

“Da new baby wants a bottle.”

“He does? Won’t he want to nurse, too?”

“No. Because dat is my nurse (pointing to left side of my chest) and dat is Trixie’s nurse (pointing to the right.) Da new baby has a bottle.”

“What would you put in the bottle for the new baby, Gilbert?”

“Umm…chocolate milk! No, no. EGGNOG!”

“But the new baby needs nurse, Gil. Babies need to nurse from their mamas.”

“Oh-kay. Sigh. Oh! Da new baby can use Trixie’s nurse!”

(I think we’ve seen to the heart of the matter, no?)

6 thoughts on “Gilbert explains it all

  1. That is the cutest thing ever!

    Eggnog and chocolate milk are yummy, so at least he was hooking the new baby up with something tasty, if not the optimal nutrition. 😉

  2. ROFL!! I love the way kids think. 😀

    ryc: When I first started selling online it was on the now long defunct and I would get 4 free listings a month which was fine w/ me at the time. I got into evilbay (because of cloth diapering lol) after a while but it seems to have gotten more and more expensive – I just paid them $3.40 total for two listings, free first pic and no bells and whistles, except one gallery picture./whoozy
    So, like a lot of people, I’d often TP most stuff and then use evilbay as a last resort or if I knew I’d make enough to make the fees worth it.

    But, how .20 cents compares to other fees for similar sites, I’m not sure, I just feel like going from free to .20 cents per/? is…ouchie! On top of paypal fees and little things like buying good shipping tape at the store…

    They have the new TP up and running so you can see what it is like at least. I’m thinking later tonight I’ll have time to really dig around in it and make a better personal judgment call on the whole thing.

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