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I can’t remember how much of this I’ve already blogged (because my mind is a sieve) but Bede’s made some great developmental leaps lately. I knew the sensory seeking wildness would ebb eventually, and usually he has a surge in abilities when that happens too.  I tell you, remembering that when we were in week 4 of the “Bede hides, poops on floor, grabs poop, throws on ceiling. Repeat in 6 hours or less.” cycle was about the only thing keeping me from crawling into bed and staying for a month. Ladies and gents, it was bad.

But now he’s not doing that. (Knocking on wood.) Instead he’s building representational structures with blocks! (see below.) And, when I say things like “Bede, hand me that cup,” he’s, you know, handing me the cup! Also, he’s following 2 and 3 step written instructions in coloring/activity books! (he’s always been better with written vs. spoken language, of course.)

In other words, he’s forging those neural pathways in a huge way. Yay Bede! You rock!

(ha! rock! Get it? I slay me.)

2 thoughts on “While I’m at it

  1. this SO happens with Eva!! also when she gets sick. anytime she gets a fever or bad cold/virus she totally looses ALL control fo days afterwards, screams. hits, gets primal and uncomminative one us. and after about 3 weeks new abilities imerge out fo nowhere. new words, new thoughts, new ways of playing.

    after this last cold she had she developed this funny way of imaginative play. she makes people and animals out of everything. eveything is her pupper. if she has no toys she uses her fingers. today I overheard her in the backseat of the car (inbetween yelps as she hates riding in the car)

    speaking one finger to the other “mommy! mooooommmmmy!” to which the other finger says “yes, what do you want Eva?” and so on… she imitates exact conversations her and I have.

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