Floortime, all the time

This is a post for my favorite special needs support forum, to answer the question “How much Floortime do you do with your autistic child?”

Our day looks something like this:

  • 8AM: Wake up, usually by Bede crawling into bed with me.
  • 8AM-8:20: Bede and I Floortime play in the bedroom together while the other kids eat breakfast with Sean.
  • 8:20-9AM: Bede and I make our way downstairs to join the others and eat.
  • 9AM-12PM: Sean works upstairs in his office and I do householdy chores like dishes and laundry while playing with the kids, checking my email, etc. Sometime in there is…
  • 10AM-10:20: More Floortime with Bede.
  • 12PM-1PM: If Sean isn’t teaching an afternoon class, he comes downstairs and fixes lunch for everyone.
  • 1PM-5PM: Trixie and sometimes Gilbert nap for an hour or more. If the big girls are gone (on Wednesdays) I play with just the littles, and have 2 Floortime sessions with Bede. Also do more household stuff.
  • 5PM-7PM: Dinner is planned, cooked and eaten.
  • 7PM-10PM: Children are bathed as needed, if I’m lucky I might get to watch some PBS or knit for a while. Bedtime is at 10 or so. Bede loves bathtime Floortime, and we do that.
  • 10PM-11PM: Winding Bede and Trixie down – they are the real night owls – and 20 minutes more of Floortime where we usually play on a free font site or wander through Google Images.
  • 11PM-??: I attempt to stay awake. Hardly ever happens.

So we end up with something like 2-3 hours of focused Floortime every day, and lots of smaller Floortime-style interactions throughout the day. It works really well with our ‘lifestyle’ such as it is.

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