it’s all about the joy

Today I gave Bede the lid to a Pringles can. It’s made of transparent plastic and feels like HDPE, but I don’t know if that can be transparent? Anyway, it’s see-through.

Bede loves see-through things. Last year for Christmas I got him the water blocks by Plan. He loves them, and frequently carries one around and peers through it at the TV or the computer, or lays it down on a book and reads through it. He also likes to get our playsilks wet and compare how things look through the wet, translucent silk and the dry, opaque silk. My point is, the boy likes to look at stuff. Optics. It’s all about the optics.

So, back to my original point. I finished off the last of the Pringles (hey, I’m pregnant. I get a pass) and was about to chuck the can and thought to myself, “Bede would really like this lid.” So I went in to the living room where he was at the computer, and said “Hey Bede! Look here what I’ve got!” holding it up. His eyes widened and he jumped off the computer chair, ran over to me, took it from my hand and laughed! He immediately dropped to a squat, grabbed a magazine (it was November’s Smithsonian) and chuckled happily as he read to me through the lid for about 30 minutes.

So what if he couldn’t care less about action figures? He’s one happy and unique little guy.

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