We just got Ratatouille today. Well, last night. Really like it, btw. But that’s not why I’m posting.

First of all, we only have it because my mother bought it for the kids for a Christmas present. Then she said “It’s silly to make them wait for CHristmas, especially the younger three. Here!” My mom is so great.

Second of all we actually got to watch it! Now, that calls for some explanation. Usually when we get a new movie we don’t get to watch it for weeks, or even months. Bede refuses to let it play downstairs, so it doesn’t get played. The big girls and Gil watch movies upstairs in the girls’ room on the tiny TV, so nobody gets deprived, but we’d all rather watch on the nice TV downstairs. When we tried to watch Chicken Little, Bede screamed through the first 15 minutes and fought whoever was holding him so he could go eject the disc. Same with Brother Bear. So, I’d given up, really… but! I thought, hey, try again. He’s changed a lot recently, maybe he can handle this.


I gave him the box to look at while he ate lunch, so he’d know we had it. Then, I started it. He was very upset at first, but responded to “Bede, stop!” when he ran for the player. He also tried to offer other solutions, to watch other movies instead (Toy Story 2, Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas, Cars) which let me know he was in touch with his language. At that point I took him upstairs and let him play in the shower for a few minutes. WHen he came back down, he made one lunge for the DVD player and then just lay down on the sofa and watched (and enjoyed) the movie. When it was over he played it again.

I know if you don’t have an autistic child you might think this is no big deal, but really, it is.

Anyway, cute movie!

8 thoughts on “flexibility!

  1. My son is not autistic but is, uh, rather prone to inflexibility so I can appreciate where you are coming from. At least I am going to be so bold as to say that.

    Glad to hear about the newest changes with Bede! It must feel really great to see that all your hard work together is coming to fruition.

    Also glad to hear a good review of Ratatouille. The previews scared my son so we haven’t watched it yet but…perhaps one day.

  2. That’s so awesome! Go Bede!!

    We just put a movie on for Dom in our room. He refuses to watch a movie until it has been played about 10 times in the house (without him in the room). Then he will sit and watch the movie and then be obsessive about watching it.

  3. I DO have an autistic son so I completely understand what you mean here. Congrats that you got him to cooperate so well.

  4. That is so great Fee!

    On a rather freaky note, Zach and I were just talking about the fact that Ratoille is the first time we have seen Zane actually seem to watch a movie. (well, at least much of it) We were pretty excited. Funny that Bede had the same reaction.

  5. Yay Bede! BTW that is exactly what Jaden used to do also. He quit a year or 2 ago and now only throws a fit when it’s not something he wants to watch, but does not take it out anymore, we just watch something in the other room that he wants.
    Since Bede is a couple of years younger than Jaden maybe they are following somewhat of a timeline together? cool

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