knit in Danish is strik

I think. And purl is vrang. I think.

L and E came today, you see, and L (who is from Denmark) was trying to turn the heel on a sock, for the second time ever, and her mom had written the instructions in Danish. I was little help, beyond vague statements like “well, you know, you go past the halfway point, then back, then you keep doing that until you kind of, you know, run out.” So I wasn’t that helpful, but hey, I made her laugh really hard as I pronounced the Danish as Okie English. Snort.

Faith, Abby and E played upstairs together for hours without a discouraging word. E was so sweet to Gil too, and he really liked her. L and I were treated to a puppet show ostensibly put on by the three girls, but Gil crashed it (I told them it was improv. He was VERY funny.) Bede was his unusual self and had a good time drifting about on the fringes. ‘Drifting’ implies a certain lassitude which he didn’t have. Hmm. Anyway, he had fun too. And Trixie was completely unphased by our visitors, which was a welcome change from the Velcro baby she can be.

So, all in all, a very good day.

2 thoughts on “knit in Danish is strik

  1. Aha! found you. I’ve not knitted a thing since the last baby blanket, I’m not sure if I could remember how?

    Glad to hear Velcro baby gave you a break. Presumably only three more months until the next velcro version pops out?
    Best wishes

  2. New velcro version /spit drink

    It’s wonderful to have good days isn’t it? 😀 You took me back to my high school days when I had a music class and extra after school stuff with an exchange student from Denmark. She’d laugh at my bad attempts at Danish and I’d giggle over her cute pronunciations. I still laugh at her getting me to try to get “oooooooooo” (some vowel sound and inflection) right. Yeah there was a right way and the wrong way and I don’t think I ever did it right ROFL. She taught me songs in Danish and German and I can sort of sing the German one still. I still have the copy of the Danish version Rocky Horror Picture Show on cassette she gave me, it’s a trip. Whew, ending my blog in your blog 😮

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