The straight poop

I’m really, really tired of cleaning it up.

No, really. You don’t even know. Be glad you don’t know.

We’ve been ‘working with’ Bede for over a year with zero success. Well, sometimes he’ll attempt to clean up a mess he’s made, which, while a positive step, is also even a bigger mess. Trust me.

I’m at a loss. It’s a communication issue, I think, which means it’s going to resolve eventually as he gets more and more among the English-speaking. It’s not sensory because he knows mostly when he needs to go. I think.

But for now…


3 thoughts on “The straight poop

  1. Ah, I wish I could say I don’t know how you feel. *sigh*

    Has Bede EVER pooped or peed in the toilet? I just feel like if I could get it to happen at least ONCE, just ONCE we might get past this. It is one of the only truly sucky things about this whole thing.

  2. No, he never has. Once, with understanding, and it just might do it…

    I agree. It’s the only thing that really wears on me. The worst is the poop surfing, if he sees something “interesting” in it, like an apple seed, or tomato peel. Then I get to clean up a big smeary mess on the wall and a poopy little boy as well as the poop itself.


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