Bede and writing

Candace noticed, in my Flickr set Bede writes:

i also thought it was interesting that when bede was copying those words, he did some of them in all caps and the words were written in lower case…!

He started writing this summer. My mom got him those books on a lark, and he loved them! He’s been typing forever, years, but that was almost the first real writing. Faith taught him to write with his finger in a steamy bathroom mirror, and a few days after that he wrote in the books. He started out almost all caps and now uses mostly caps, but sometimes Writes Like This.

He likes to write on things to label them, too. (I have cleaned lots of crayon this summer!) He uses sidewalk chalk, an old favorite, to write on everything in the backyard. Some are what you’d expect, like DOOR and SIDEWALK, but some are more indirect, like first writing HOUSE on the wall, then writing WELCOME TO MY HOME. Or writing FARM on the fence right above our pitiful flower garden.

So, let’s hear it for hyperlexia! His language is still much more visual than spoken and that’s fine with me. Any communication is good communication IMO.

ETA: I just realized that was noteworthy to you because he wasn’t copying the words exactly, but copying them nonetheless – i.e., he copied the words but in uppercase instead of lowercase. Yes? I didn’t think much of that because he’s known letters for so, so long it didn’t occur to me. The writing in the books was all his idea. I didn’t say “Now write ‘blue'” or anything.

4 thoughts on “Bede and writing

  1. yep, that was it. 🙂 i have a student who can’t tell that letters are the same if they are upper case & lowercase, or if they are different fonts he has trouble distinguishing. so it really caught my eye that he wasn’t some of the words as he was seeing them. i think it’s neat!

  2. Zane usually copied in all uppercase too, even if the word he is seeing is lower case. Interesting. Didn’t really occur to me either until I thought for a minute.

  3. that is amazing! I am way impressed. I dont know if what we do with Eva is anything liek “floortime”. we do like a “sensory diet” were we make sure she gest certain stimulation manually (like a whole body rub down and such) and I see how it helped a bunch. as I was doing her “night night exercises” tis evening I wondered to myself will I still be doing this in a year? or 5? or 10? who knows how it will change and grow and what she will need. I realize there are many differences in autism and SPD, but some commonalities I think as well.

    I am always inspired by your blog. not b/c you have all the answers, but b/c you have all the ideas.

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