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this is going on your permanent record

I’m keeping the homeschool notes for the year at[]( so as not to overwhelm this blog with daily “Today we read…” entries. I’ll be posting a picture at least once a week of something homeschooly.

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upon this, ah, dirt, I will build my church

Sean’s working out at St. Damien’s today, installing the pews. Almost done! How exciting! This isn’t very recent, but here’s a picture. It’s for the Oklahoma City Latin Mass Community – our [Very Own Church](

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Mo-om! Abaigeal and Faith are writing fan fiction!

Abby’s fic, To Be Human, is in the Phineas and Ferb fandom, and answers these burning questions: What if Perry the Platypus was human? Does Ferb own any other clothing? And, most important of all, what are Phineas and Ferb … Continue reading

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let’s call this an outtake

Without further ado, I give you Sean, playing Rhapsody in Blue on the… the muted Gleeson horn*. Yeah, that’s it. With bonus helpless laughter from Sean. *Gleeson horn built from a fill valve and a steel condiment cup.

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color me impressed

This morning, as the children were cavorting in the living room on their weekly sugar high brought on by the Saturday morning ritual of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs (we only consume cold cereal on Saturdays), the telephone rang. Guess who … Continue reading

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it’s hot, have you noticed?

Another hot one. I hung four loads of laundry. Halfway through I soaked my head in the pool. Here’s what I looked like when I came in. LOVELY! It made me think of Bede took my picture. I then spent … Continue reading

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Homeschool: Theology, Math, Science and Lit

Goodness what a time. We put up the easy-set pool finally, and have been in it every day since. Except for one day when the actual air temperature was 105 and the pool was 97. It gets quite hot here. … Continue reading

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Homeschool: The Middle Ages

These are the history books I plan to use this year. We’re covering (mostly) Britain, from the exit of the Romans to Henry VII. Nonfiction: Our Island Story: A History of Britain for Boys and Girls, from the Romans to … Continue reading

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