Two minutes earlier this was three nicely sorted bins of unit blocks, DUPLO, and assorted small hard toys like cars, animals, and figures. Now it is again a big pile of confusion. Clementine dumped everything out, kicked it around until it was all jumbled again, and then turned her chaotic impulse to the box of about 300 crayons, which was grabbed away at the last moment. I've reduced the toys by half but it looks like I need to go even less. (Honestly nobody really plays with the DUPLO. It just gets kicked around.) I also want shelves instead of large bins and baskets. Some things need to be in small containers of their own, but the categories can be more specific. Anyway. I've been a mother for almost 19 years and I still don't know how to tame the mess. The only thing that has ever helped is the principle of "less is more." Every time I get away from that it goes south. #gleesoneclectic
Posted by Intagrate Lite