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This will be my 14th year as a homeschooler. Faith will be 18 in just a few weeks, and would be a senior in high school were she attending one. And I have at least 17 years ahead of me, with Peregrine to consider. I’m not even halfway through!

This year I have, from youngest to oldest, Dorothy, Gloria, Trixie, Gilbert, Bede, and Abby. We’ve discussed it and Gloria and Trixie want to study American history this year. Gilbert is going to do some kind of world history, and Abby will be doing a patchwork. She’s learning to code, she’s writing a lot, and she wants to learn about civics. Dorothy will be learning to read and Bede will be doing whatever Bede does, magnificently.

I’m really enamored of two different homeschool curricula, both of which we’ve used before, Bookshark and Oak Meadow. (As written, they are Too Much To Do. Well, that’s not true. I don’t know about Bookshark, just Sonlight. But it was a buncha stuff.) But we are Poor. So I can’t buy a box, as much as I’d like to. Honestly, I have so many of the books already it would be silly for the American history year. I have a world history Oak Meadow book already, along with a few other junior high things. Gilbert is probably set, there. As far as the girls go, I used to have the Sonlight American history core but I sold it when we moved, like a fool! so I’ll have to buy the Instructor’s Guide from Bookshark.

Both of the programs we’ll use are literature based, so my plan is to get the books we need used, when they are needed for the whole year, and from the library when they are not. Our library system just lengthened the checkout period to a month from two weeks, so that’s actually feasible.

Sean’s job situation remains unresolved, so that’s another reason I’m glad we homeschool. He’s broadened his search to some pretty far-flung areas but I don’t have to worry about schools if we need to move. The cost of a house just one block out of a particular district or school can be remarkably less than the same house in the boundary, and so what? My gain.

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I emailed Epic today, but haven’t heard back. Well, I mean, I literally just clicked Send, so I guess that’s acceptable. I asked about curriculum choice, paperwork and assessment requirements. I do have mixed feelings about it. We have always done our own thing, but the kids don’t mind the structure when we have it. When we go high-tide and are doing several subjects regularly it’s all fine. I think if we get a teacher we jibe with it could really work out well for us to do this. I hope that’s not just a combination of naivete and dollar signs in my eyes with that learning fund though.

Anyway, I’ll update as new information comes in.

As usual I’m off Facebook for Lent. It feels nice to have my mind to myself again. I have such an It’s Complicated with Facebook. I genuinely appreciate the real connections it gives me, especially with the financial troubles we have had this last year, but I seem to be unable to moderate my use. I’m going to see about approaching it like any other fast, with times for feasting and times for fasting. I don’t usually do well with that, but who knows. I tend to prefer to be all in or a teetotaller. Like, the low-carb keto way of eating, or when I was a vegetarian. Much easier to completely eliminate something than try to moderate it.

Oh yeah I should note that Trixie has started Saxon this week and she likes it better than Teaching Textbooks. Just for the record.

UPDATE: I heard back. We’re a no. The biggies for me are: limited curriculum choice and testing at least three and up to six times a year, at their facility. Teacher involvement is variable, I’m told.

So no “free” piles of money for us, I’m afraid. I figured it would be like that, but I wanted to be wrong.

Epic One-on-One

So in the interest of free buckets of cash

Mr. Krabs likes money

I’m looking into the virtual charter school thing.


  • $800 per student per year to use toward education, including extracurriculars like piano or karate!


  • Lots and lots of oversight.
  • Annual out-of-home testing.
  • Paperwork and meeting requirements from whoever we are given as our teacher liason.
  • Genneral ennui as my children are  injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected, and selected.

But did I mention the $800?

I haven’t talked to anyone at the school, just other school families. Their opinions vary. I’m going to email the admissions director about what is really required and what is optional. This wouldn’t be for all the kids, most likely Gilbert, Trixie and Gloria. Possibly Abby. And I’d have to get their buy-in, because I’m not doing this unless they are willing to deal with the hoops and red tape. And the work, of course. Right now we do math, the end.

I bet we don’t end up doing it. But the monnnnneeeyyyy…


When you have a bunch of kids they give you a bunch of peanut butter and whole grain bread and you are Very Happy. Not pictured is the 40 pounds of beef and chicken as well as pounds and pounds of produce, bread, canned goods and dairy. The guys at the warehouse who load our car seem so pleased at my shock at the amounts of food they give us. "Feed those babies!” they say. Yes sir! This season of our lives is humbling, to be sure, but also full of joy. #corporalworksofmercy
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Clementine picked out these outfits for herself and Dorothy. They are driving to Mass to a baptism. Clementine has improved to 95% today, playing, skipping and chattering and only favoring her sore left side a little. I predict full Quine tomorrow and am so thankful that she is well.
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