8 pounds of collards30 pounds of sweet potatoes30 pounds of potatoes40 pounds of oranges80 !! pounds of bananasA 20 pound turkey4 loaves of bread2 pounds of hazelnutsDozen pastured eggsPints of plain yogurtGoat's milkTurnipsLettuceSpinachMany cansOther dry itemsAndFaith in humanity.
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#sulforaphane update. Bede has been taking 800 mcg daily since 10/28. Improvement is definitely happening. He has been more articulate and composed for the last few days, markedly. He discussed our family meal schedule and menu, he is less argumentative with his siblings, and today he made up a (terrible) joke: What's a farming implement's favorite movie? Doctor Hoe. Get it? But it's the best joke I've ever heard
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Trixie skooling

Trixie is chugging along in Teaching Textbooks, workbook only. It does have issues though, TT. Or it could just be my kids. All the kids who have used it, with the lectures or without, end up with gaps or amnesia. I think it moves too fast. YMMV.

But today, like, she forgot what place value was. And where to start in long addition. So. Maybe gonna switch to Saxon earlier than planned for her. Or, not. I hate switching horses!

I am going to print out some Happy Scribe sheets for her though. She wants to learn italic, yay!

A commercial for meeeeee

We’re, like, totally broke! And that’s not bad, except we need heat and a place to live. And food. So! I can’t think of a job I can do, given the special care needs of the autistic children and my nursling, etc etc. I can, however, Make A Website Shop and Sell Stuff. Well, Amazon will sell the stuff, but I’ll get a wee percentage.



Right now it’s only got a little stuff, but I’ll be adding to it. Eventually it will have other items too – possibly art and other handmade things, like knitting. It does have a link to our Amazon affiliate home page thing, which helps us even if you don’t buy a product I link specifically.

So, remember us in your prayers – and your clicks!