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all in the family

It’s been very familial around here, which is how I like it. First of all, we were given the wonderful, amazing and almost unbelievable news that my older brother Troy’s lung cancer has done R-U-N-N-O-F-T. The hateful tumor in the … Continue reading

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The play’s the thing

[Watch Hamlet online](! David Tennant! Patrick Stewart! It is so awesome yall. SO AWESOME.

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on high rotation this week

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warshin’ with homemade laundry soap

I made laundry soap today. I don’t think I’ve blogged about that here. One to one and a half cups grated (non-moisurizing) bar soap (any kind) One cup Borax or other powdered boric acid One cup baking soda Use one … Continue reading

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Okay, okay, okay!

What does OK mean, Mommy? [What indeed]( The letters, not to keep you guessing, stand for “oll korrect.” They’re the result of a fad for comical abbreviations that flourished in the late 1830s and 1840s. The abbreviation fad began in … Continue reading

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nature’s whirligigs

Step one: Plant maple seed. Step two: Wait. Step three: Obtain copious amounts of maple seeds in springtime. Step four: Fling in air. Step five: Repeat steps three, four and five. [Make an autorotating helicopter out of paper, based on … Continue reading

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My name is feebeeglee and I’m a Facebook addict.

I’ve given up Facebook. When I gave it up for Lent I got so much more done during the day. Coming back to it the last few weeks has shown me that I really can’t moderate it, so I’m cutting … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Month: Repetitive behavior

*This doesn’t even touch on restricted interests, which goes hand in hand with repetitive behavior. That one gets its own post.* Bede has never been a guy who’s much into toys. We recently rediscovered his favorite (such as it was) … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Month: Teeth

For Autism Awareness Month, I’ll be posting about life with autism. Tonight it’s about toothbrushing, which can be very difficult to accomplish with autistic children. Bede has not had his teeth brushed for ten months. Yes, ten months. One night, … Continue reading

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